Filofax Fridays & Planner Updates

01 March 2013

It's been about four months since I've launched this blog and I have been enjoying it since. Lately, I've been brainstorming loads of ideas for future posts and really thinking about which direction I'd like for this blog to go. Figuring out my niche, per say. I started this blog with no real intention other than to share my favorite things, and current obsessions, with a few shared moments of my personal life. Sort of a lifestyle blog, if you will. In a sense, I've accomplished this with my many ramblings pertaining to Filofaxes and planners. In fact, it's all I've been talking about, really. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just that there's so much more to me and my life than my obsession with planners. Much more. So, I've made a plan to blog more often and keep all Filofax and planner related posts to Fridays. I hope I don't lose any readers because of this as I do enjoy engaging with you all on the subject of Filofaxes. There will still be talks about planners, no doubt, but I'd like to also expand my thoughts and creativity into other areas of interest. Which areas? Well, that we'll find out as they come along. With that said and done, and as promised, here is a quick update regarding the A5, and which planners I'm currently using. It is Friday, after all.

I had originally made the decision to move to an A5 because I felt I needed the extra space. My original intention was to use it as my main planner while using something more portable as my on-the-go. Temporarily, I had chosen my personal Osterley for this task. After a week or so with the A5, I started missing having everything in one nice portable planner (the A5's too heavy to carry around with me everywhere) and felt that transferring information I had accumulated throughout the day between the two planners was too much work. I found that I was slowly moving things back into the Osterley. Anyway, to make a long story short, I've decided to continue using a personal size planner as my main planning tool and, as you can see, it's not a Filofax.

I have actually moved into my compact Franklin Covey Aurora binder. This move was more accidental than intentional. In the middle of figuring out which personal Filofax I wanted to use on-the-go, I moved everything into the Aurora out of curiosity and immediately liked it. The Filofax inserts look a bit awkward in this wider binder. But, that extra space between the pen loops and where the inserts begin? Doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I think I can work with Filofax inserts in an FC binder than vise-versa. I know others have managed to work around it but FC inserts sticking out of a Filofax binder would drive me bananas. Plus, that extra space means the inserts aren't rubbing up against the two (two :D) pen loops when the binder's closed.

Gaps between the inserts and pen loops. 

Not too bad, right?

I do continue to use the A5 still. I use it mainly for household related projects and tasks. It helps to organize bills, bank statements, and other finance related duties. I also have been keeping all my blog related material in it and using the weekly diary as a journal. I figured these were things that I didn't care to have with me at all times and without these sections (finance and blog) it helps lessen the load in my personal--er, compact--planner. Not that the FC can't handle extra baggage what with its 1.25 inch golden rings. If I could magically turn all my Filofaxes rings to gold, I would.

Anyway, I can't say there won't be anymore changes but for the most part, I'm content. It's still a bit of an adjustment having to work out of two binders as opposed to having everything all in one place but until that perfect planner magically appears into my life, this is how it's going to be. I'd like to commit to this arrangement (the use of a personal/compact size planner as my main planner and an A5 as a home binder) till at least the end of the year or for as long as I can because I can't bear (let alone afford) another move.

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